7th & 8th Grade (Week #7 – 10/19 to 10/25)

It’s getting close to time for us to wrap this project up with our book videos! Be aware that LeGrande students need to be reading, blogging, quizzing, reviewing and working on video production all at the same time! JCMS students, I’m sure Mrs. Martin has a project in mind for you, too!

Enough chit-chat though, let’s take a look at this week’s prompt!

  • Identify a significant conflict (AKA problem) contained in one of the books that you have read for the ERP. You may choose from the following types of conflict:
    • Man vs. Man
    • Man vs. Self
    • Man vs. Nature/Supernatural
    • Man vs. Society
  • Identify the title of the book that you have chosen to use for this response and describe the specifics of the conflict including the characters who are involved and their situation.

Check this space later for the Scoring Guide so that you can self-assess!

105 thoughts on “7th & 8th Grade (Week #7 – 10/19 to 10/25)

  1. the book that i am reading now is parties and potions raf is in love with this gril that he love ever much and i think that this book is good because this book is good and i like this book

  2. I chose I heart you you haunt me. I have a Man vs. Society connection because Ava has just lost her boyfriend and she doesn’t know what to do because he was the love of her life and she made him die.

  3. The book I chose is Generation Dead. It is Man vs. supernatural. A football player Is tring to kill all the zombies on the earth.

  4. In Birthed Mark There is a significant man vs. nature conflict were Gaia fights to save her mothers life after she has given birth to Gaia’s little sister. Gaia stays with her mom during this time to help her but her mom tells her to leave her there and save her sister and her self.

  5. One conflict in my book, The Hunger Games, is when Prim is chosen to compete in the Hunger Games. This is an example of man vs. himself because Katniss is feeling fear, anxiety, and helplessness because she loves her sister so much and would never want her to get hurt. Now Katniss must find a way to help Prim!

  6. My book is The adventures of tom sawyer. One conflict is when tom get his bible the visitor asks him who the first two disciples, and tom has to remember who they were.

  7. My book is “Ender’s Shadow” by Orson Scott Card. One conflict in the book is when Bean gets into the air ducts and cuts himself. This is man vs. nature. Bean went into the ducts to find an escape route to another section of the ship.

  8. In my book “Unwind” by Neal Shusterman Connor, Risa, and Lev have a Man VS Society conflict. Connor and the others VS The juvy cops.

  9. My book is The Brooklyn Nine by Alan Gratz. A man vs. self is where louis lost hnis dads hand sewn baseball on the battle field. And his dads baseball was hand sewn by his dada. Plus, his dad said bring the ball back with him. So louis went back to the enemies base and tried to look for it, and he didnt even bring a gun with him.

  10. One type of conflict in my book “Impossible” is Man vs. Supernatural. Lucy made an agreement to go away with the Elfin Night, but she changed her mind. Now the Elfin Night and Lucy are in a conflict of what will happen with Lucy. Zach (Lucy’s husband) is also a part of this conflict because he wants Lucy to stay.

  11. One type of conflict in “Uglies” By Scott Westerfield is man vs society. The (wo)man is Tally and the society is trying to give Tally and the rest of the world a image to call “pretty” and the society makes anyone who isn’t “pretty” feel ugly and bad about themselves.

  12. One conflict I have seen in my book “The Maze Runner” is when the villagers are angry for a decision a group called the creators have made. This conflict is known as man vs society. What is happening is that an event called The Ending has begun and drastic changes have occured at the maze that will harm the villagers.

  13. My book is ranges apprentice, (man vs supernatural.) The Rangers’ Corpse are traking down these beast who are hunting them down. They only know rumours and legends about these creatures. These beasts are no fluffy rabbits, they are full pledged mosters working for silver.

  14. “Fight Game” by Kate Wild. Whitney (Freedom’s niece) is starting to ask a lot of questions about Fred (Freedom) and the fight, this conflict is man vs. man.

  15. My book is “A Curse as Dark as Gold.” One conflict is man vs. man. Charlotte’s dad took out a loan of $2,000, without telling anyone. Charolette’s dad has died and the banker is back at her house to get the losan payment. The problem is Charlotte doesn’t have it. The banker insists that Charlotte pay the loan on that day.

  16. In my book “Generation Dead” by Daniel Waters, one conflict is man vs. man. The conflict is with Adam. Adam can’t decide how to get Phoebe to like him. He can’t find a way to even talk to her. Phoebe doesn’t think of Adam that way. So now Adam is torn whether to go ahead and tell Phoebe he loves her; or to just keep his feelings to himself. He is still waiting for that perfect time, place,and way to tell the girl of his dreams how he feels about her.

  17. My character Christopher from “Thirsty” is facing man vs supernatural. I know that because Chrisopher is (unfrotunatly) turning into a vampire. he doe not know how and he is trying to stop this vampire venom through his veins. Christopher is hiding the fact that he is , in fact, a vampire including the bloodlust and the letters from other vampires and…
    The fact he wants to kill his friends and family for there blood.

  18. this girl murielle, They Never Came Back by Caoline B. Cooney, is missing and has been for a long time. Her cousin Tommy came up to this girl Cathy and kept on saying that ahe was his missing cousin. So now Cathy is having all these problems and she dosen’t know what to do because all these people are asking her questions about it. This is man vs. self conflict because Cathy dosen’t know what to do about all these people asking her questions.

  19. “Born to Rock” by Gordon Korman. One conflict so far is that the main character, Leo Caraway, is arguing with his friend Melinda because he joined the Young Republicans and Melinda isn’t Republican and doesn’t like Republicans.

  20. One type of conflict I have read about in “Nightmare” is man vs. self.
    The character Emmily is having the same nightmare alot now. She is also underacheving in school,and because of the nightmare she is not acting like heself. She is tring to be as sane as posible but people are starting to notice.

  21. My book is “Bystander” by James Preller. The type of conflict I choose for my book is man vs. self. The reason I choose man vs. self is because the main character “Eric” is watching his so called friend bully other people and he watches it happen and doesnt do anything. He doesnt know what to do.

  22. My book is Graceling, a conflict is man vs. man. Kasta is having trouble with Po reading her mind. Whenever Kasta thinks something, even very private things, he knows it. The catch is he can only read her thoughts if they are about him.

  23. One conflict that has happened in my book “Burger Wuss” is Anthony catches his girlfriend cheating on him at a party
    (man vs man). Anthony went to the party and he sees his girlfriend with another boy so he goes to the boy’s work to get “revenge”.

  24. The book title is Elsewhere. This is man vs. self. Her name is Liz. She is having trouble with what’s been going on and she is trying to find a way to get over everything and when she does it disappears.

  25. A conflict in my book “The first Part last” is that Bobby a teenage boy, Is trying to raise a baby on his own while still going to high school and living a normal life.

  26. The book I chose was Artichoke’s Heart. The conflict in this book is man vs. self. I think that Artichoke’s Heart has a man vs. self conflict because Rosemary thinks that she is overweight and she tries to lose it.

  27. One type of conflict that I have noticed in the book, “Faith, Hope, and Ivy June” is a man vs. man conflict. I think it is a man vs. man conflict because Ivy June and Catherine get into an arguement. Ivy June told a secret of Catherine’s to all of her friends. Catherine got upset and decided she wants to know one of Ivy June’s secret’s to tell and get revenge.

  28. One type of conflict in my book (Jane in Bloom) is man vs. self. The reason is Jane is trying to find something to get her mind off her sister. Jane is sad and misses her sister very much.

  29. I have chosen “Just one wish” by Jennette Rallison. One of the conflicts in this book is Man vs. Man because at the beginning Ava really wants Steve (movie star) to come and see her brother who has cancer but he says no, then he does change his mind and says yes after they make a bet to see who could get the arrow into the target with shooting it with a bow.

  30. The name of my book is the Maze Runner and the main character is Thomas. His conflict is man vs. self because his thougths are fighting him mentally. He knows what he wants to do but he is so scared he can’t. His thoughts tell him he has to even though he is scared.

  31. I have chosen the book ” The Dead And The
    Gone. This book has a man vs. nature conflict. The conflict is the moon gets closer and causes all kinds of damage and this boy has to help him and his sisters while his parents are away.

  32. The book I chose is Thirsty. The conflict in this book is man vs. self. I think it is man vs. self because, Chris is changing from human to vampire and he can’t help it, he tries to fix the problem by destroying the vampire lord so he can become human again like Chet promised.

  33. The book I chose is The Hunger Games. One major conflict in the book is Man V.S. Man when Katniss Everden is put into the arena with twenty three other tributes in a fight to the death. Another conflict in the book is Man V.S. Nature when the Twenty four tributes are into the arena which is a mix of different landscapes.

  34. The book I read is I Heart You You Haunt Me .This book has a man vs. supernatural conflict . Ava is seeing and hearing the presents of her dead boyfriend. She thinks that she is going crazy but she isn’t. Finally she wants Jackson to move on to a better place.

  35. the book i chose is Jane In Bloom she lost her sister and is lost because she does not know what to do. the confliect is man vs. man. the people who are also involved with this besides jane is her mom dad her family members and everybody that knew Lizze (janes sister)

  36. the book i chosse to read is jane in bloom well she lost her sister lizze and now she do not know what to do .this book is man vs man .Jane is not the only one that is sad her dad her frind liked her sister like if it was her also her mom and that know her.

  37. My books title is: The Monstrumologist. the conflict in it is Man vs. Supernatural. Will Henry and his master Pellinore Warthrope must hunt down the mysterious and dangerous Wendigo.

  38. The book i am reading now is “Lord Loss” by: Darren Shan.
    One of the conflicts in the story is man vs. nature (supernatural). Grubbs has to fight off two demons, also known as a familiars.
    Another conflict is man vs. self. Grubbs doesn’t feels guilty after what he did to Gret, which is his sister.

  39. The book that I just got done reading is Burger Wuss. This book has a Man vs. Man conflict. The guy works at a burger joint. He flips burgers all day. One day he didn’t come to work and his boss called him. He asked y aren’t you at work he said I am sick. He said ok. That night his boss saw him out on the street walking if you want to know what the boss does to him read Burger Wuss.

  40. What Book Are You Guys Talking About I Look Up In The Book They Never Came Back If It Was Man Versus Man ,Man Versus Society ,Man Versus Nature Or Man Versus Himeself
    And This Is Not That Book Is It I Need To Know Because I Have To Do A Book Report Do Tommrow 🙁

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